25 Dripdrop locations in Aarhus!

Since late July this year, the Dripdrop Aarhus network of locations for picking up and dropping off umbrellas is constantly expanding.

A city of umbrella sharing

Aarhus in Denmark is, with 171 days of rain every year, a great city for innovative models of umbrella access.
We started working on umbrella sharing back in 2014, here in Aarhus. Ever since, the city has been a landmark for umbrella sharing - and now more than ever. With an increasing eco system of locations for borrowing and returning umbrellas, it has never been this easy to get around without getting wet.

You can borrow umbrellas here:

7-Eleven Nørreport

AU Statskundskab Library

Aarhus Brætspilscafé

Aarhus Central Food Market

Aarhus Street Food

Culture Workspace

DGI-Huset Aarhus

Designit Aarhus



Føtex Food Guldsmedgade

Føtex Food M.P. Bruunsgade


Q-Park Magasin


SuperBrugsen Jægergårdsgade

SuperBrugsen Vesterbro Torv


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