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Hotel umbrellas made simple and sustainable.

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How much CO2 could you save?

By filling out the information below, we'll calculate your estimated CO2 savings by using Dripdrop hotel umbrellas instead of conventional umbrellas at your hotel.
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It makes a difference!

This is the estimated difference you’ll make, in just one year, by using Dripdrop instead of conventional umbrellas.

Trees planted

+635 trees

Capturing 15.9 tons CO2 yearly
For every umbrella rental we plant and nurture a tree together with Eden Reforestation Project.

Direct CO2 savings

8.1 tons CO2

Conventional umbrellas: 9 tons CO2
Dripdrop umbrellas: 0.9 tons CO2

Total yearly CO2 difference

24 tons CO2

You would normally emit: 9 tons CO2
With Dripdrop you only emit: 0.9 tons CO2
The difference is: 8.1 tons
And with Dripdrop, you plant trees which will capture 15.9 tons CO2 pr. year
= 24 tons CO2 difference
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Brighter rainy days

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Guests can simply grab a quality umbrella when needed. Staff don't have to think about it.

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Our Umbrellas are made from certified 100% post-consumer rPET polyester. One less bottle to the landfill!

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Brand + Quality

The umbrella design is customized in collaboration with each client. The umbrella quality is best in class.

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