We're hiring: Head of Product

September 5, 2019

Hello, you creative and innovative yet very structured and technical person -  are you out there somewhere?

We’re looking for that sweet combo person of a techy brain, high level of initiative and structured project management skills - and passion! Do you want to be a part of improving rainy days, for people and for the planet?

We, the umbrella sharing startup Dripdrop, is expanding and looking for the right person to join our core team as Head of Product. The title means to lead development, manufacturing and delivery of our umbrella sharing service to large hotel chains in Scandinavia and Europe (and further). You don’t have all the answers but you will ask the questions to find out.

Your skills and effort will truly matter. We are a small team where the Head of Product role is currently held by one of the two (non technical) founders. We are surrounded by an external team of highly skilled professionals within fields such as mechanics, electrical engineering, software and industrial design. This team needs project leadership and support, and someone to keep a look at the bigger picture.

Is this you?

  • High achiever
  • Technical (some understanding at a basic level… hardware, software and so on)
  • Urge to create
  • Want to take responsibility
  • Loves to learn new things
  • Curious
  • Structured
  • Have experience building something (a business, website, product or something completely else).
  • The idea of joining a startup is tempting, specifically within the fields of sharing economy and hardware.
  • Loves rain and/or umbrellas (bonus)

Two main areas of work

  1. Responsible for umbrella stand (Product): Understanding how it is built, what it contains and why it is built the way it is. Understanding the weaknesses and strengths to keep developing the product. Keeping the product as stable as possible is the key for success and taking responsibility for fixing issues when they arise.
  2. Responsible for logistics. This means being responsible for delivering our product to our client (umbrellas stands and umbrellas). It also means administering the logistics, figuring out maintenance of umbrella stands or fixing other concerns arriving at the clients.

About Dripdrop

We’re a small team backed by business angels, have a proven business case and have plenty of customers signed up already. We are located at Designit Open, the best shared office space in Aarhus.. All we are missing is the last push towards a really awesome product, hence our search for someone to join as our Head of Product. We strive towards eatings croissants together at least once a week and we are getting there 🥐


Deadline: 31st of September 2019

If this sounds remotely like you, let us know: join@dripdrop.io

If it sounds like someone you know, either let us or that person know 😌

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