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Umbrella sharing
for Hotels, Properties
& Smart Cities

One less
bottle in
the ocean.


The Dripdrop umbrella sharing smartphone application for ios and Android

3 x Win


For us, simplicity and convenience comes first, second and third. That means to make our service crazy easy to use for guests, hotel staff and our own operators.

Umbrella sharing is a fairly new concept, which is why we've made the interactions as simple as possible. Guests tap their credit card and an umbrella unlocks. When finished, just return the umbrella... What's not to like?

Circular economy

1. Our umbrella screens are made from rPET polyester, which is a type of plastic created from recycled post-consumer waste plastic.

2. Umbrella sharing is circular:
The more the umbrellas are used, the more income they create, which in return means that we are incentivized to make more durable umbrellas.

(our current umbrellas are already very sturdy, categorized as "storm proof"... but we're not done)

From cost to income

The revenues from our service is shared directly with the hotel/partner.

Yes, that means turning umbrellas from a costly hassle into an income generating convenience - for guests and for staff.

Dripdrop umbrella sharing stationDripdrop umbrella sharing station

Did we say easy?

Well, we mean it. For our 2nd generation umbrella sharing stand, we've returned to the drawing boards and made it even easier to borrow and return umbrellas.

The solution is at the moment patent pending.

Dripdrop Umbrella Sharing - Instagram - Dancing girls
Dripdrop Umbrella Sharing - Instagram - Q-park
Dripdrop Umbrella Sharing - Instagram - Mads Damsø

Live at select hotels in Denmark late 2019.
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