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We do umbrella sharing. In a world where more and more things are produced and consumed every day, we offer ways of accessing umbrellas when needed instead of owning them.

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1. Get the app

Download the Dripdrop app for free. Then, just scan the QR code on the umbrella station and slide out an umbrella.

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2. Locate station

With the app, you can always find the umbrella stations closest to you. The stations need no interaction upon returning an umbrella.

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3. Borrow - Return

You’ll get 24 hrs. for free each time you withdraw an umbrella, making it completely free to use if you return it within the time frame.

More smiles on rainy days

Dripdrop umbrella sharing stationDripdrop umbrella sharing station

A unique take on umbrella sharing

Probably the best umbrella sharing solution to date

in it for the long run

Living and breathing umbrellas

A team that has worked with umbrella sharing for wellover five years and implemented solutions in five countries and 15+ cities.

The problem at hand is 'how do we make umbrellas something we access instead of owning'?

Since the start in our native Denmark in 2014, the Dripdrop company has done nothing but trying to solve that one problem through umbrella sharing.

Dripdrop startup sketches

Team work, dream work

Experienced and highly capable

It takes a lot of skills to make something as simple as umbrellas into an application-based service - and keep the simplicity. We are happy to work with some of the best people around, be that UX, IoT, industrial design or what have you.
Are you interested in hearing about potential work or collaborations, don't hesitate to contact us.

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