Keeping you and the planet covered with sustainable umbrellas built to last

Rent one, Plant one

For every umbrella rental with Dripdrop, we plant a tree together with Eden Reforestation Project.
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trees planted
since August 2020

Protecting your guests from the elements doesn’t have to cost the earth

Rain is inevitable. But the way you choose to keep your guests dry and the impact you have on the planet is in your hands. At Dripdrop, our goal is to make the most use of what we have and ensure we’re responsible about our consumption. That’s why our eco-friendly umbrellas are made from certified 100% post-consumer rPET polyester and built to last. We even plant a tree for every umbrella rental. So come rain or shine, you’ll be keeping guests happy while doing your part for the planet.

Rent One Plant One

We work together with Eden Reforestation Project, to plant a tree for every umbrella rental with Dripdrop. Eden is one of the worlds largest tree planting organisations, a US registered NGO with a proven track record of planting over 977 million trees.

They have projects in Tanzania, Zambia, Guatemala, Belize, Ethiopia, The Philippines, Brazil, Honduras, Mozambique, Haiti, Madagascar, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal.

We chose to work with Eden Reforestation Projects because they take not only the tree planting, but also the nurturing and community, very seriously. They understand that growing a tree is about making sure the plant is cared for for several years by people with an incentive to do so.

Honestly, it's a big driving aspect in why we have so much energy for our company, that we know it is building toward something much bigger than just renting out umbrellas.

From concept to creation, our production process reflects four key values:

  • Prevention
  • Reduction
  • Recycling
  • Reuse
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Why choose our eco-friendly umbrellas?

Our hotel umbrellas come with enough magical benefits to make Mary Poppins jealous, including:

Circular usage

Many poorly made PET umbrellas are used only a handful of times before going missing or falling apart. In contrast, our Dripdrop umbrellas are manufactured with longevity in mind and are used an average of 27 times before being purchased and continuing being used.

Recycled plastic

We use five recycled plastic bottles for every Dripdrop, meaning a major reduction in landfill and around 10x less CO2 than regular umbrellas. Not bad for a simple accessory.

Rent one, plant one

We’ve teamed up with Eden Reforestation Project to ensure every time a guest rents a hotel umbrella, a tree is planted; To help keep the rainforest alive, capture carbon and strengthen local communities.

Our vision for the future

“At Dripdrop, we’re passionate about making a difference and we're proud about planting a tree every time someone rents an umbrella. It means ensuring forests are sustainably managed, desertification is discouraged, and land degradation is halted and reversed so that biodiversity isn’t lost.
Eden Reforestation Project has a proven track record, with over 977 million trees planted already.
Eden don’t just plant trees but also make sure they nurture the trees and anchor the projects in the local communities. By combining the power of Eden Reforestation Project, the innovation of our eco-friendly umbrellas and a broad network of customers, we make sure it's really about more than just umbrellas.”

Mattias Edström – Founder and CMO