Hotel umbrellas

Keeping guests dry

Hotel umbrella for guests and for staff

It's the last piece in the puzzle. But it's no child's game. The hotel mornings are buzzing with activity. Guests are stressed to get out and get about their business. The breakfast is occupying a small army of staff running back and forth with freshly made scrambled eggs and finished plates. Some guests are checking out and others are just arriving. A group of people walk in from the street asking about the conference room... you know what it's like.

Umbrellas is the last thing that the hotel staff wants to think about. On rainy days, it's the first thing many guests are in fact asking about. And what is actually a good solution for that, without meaning that the hotel either will spend money on giving out free umbrellas or wasting the staff's time on managing the solution? That's what we've had in mind for our Hotel Umbrellas solution.

We've emphasized freeing up the staff's time. The Dripdrop Hotel Umbrellas need a minimum of handling. This is made possible by making the solution so simple to use that no explanation is need. Learn more about the details above.