Protecting your guests from the elements doesn’t have to cost the earth

Rain is inevitable. But the way a hotel keep their guests dry and the impact that has on the planet is a choice. At Dripdrop, our goal is to make the most use of what we have and ensure we’re responsible for the outcomes. That’s why our eco-friendly umbrellas are made from certified 100% post-consumer rPET polyester and built to last. We even plant a tree for every umbrella rental. So come rain or shine, we’ll be keeping guests happy while doing our part for the planet.
plastic bottles recycled per umbrella ♻️
⬆ average number of times an umbrella is rented  before someone keeps it
trees planted per day in 2022 by Dripdrop 🌳

Yearly impact reports

All our Dripdrop partners get a yearly report detailing with the impact their umbrellas have made. We share number of rentals, sales and amount of trees planted. You get your own customised certificate and social media graphics.
Example of impact report email
Every year, our customers receive custom thank you cards with statistics for their tree planting impact
Learn more about how we make rainy days greener:

Recycled plastic

DripDrop and our customers care about metrics.

Rent One, Plant One

Planting a tree for every umbrella rental.

Built to last

Umbrellas that can - and will - be used again and again.