The Rain
Forest Project

Trees Planted
Since August 2020

Our work with Eden Reforestation Projects in numbers

Since August 2020, our Rain Forest Project has enabled the Eden Reforestation Project to plant hundreds of thousands of trees in their different areas around the world. With the help of our partners, we continue making a difference and increasing the numbers - every single rainy day.

Founded in Scandinavia, making an impact globally

Don’t let a spot of rain dampen your spirits. With The Rain Forest Project, we plant a tree every time someone rents or borrows a Dripdrop umbrella.
Our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether that’s via our process, the materials we use or the social impact we have on the planet. Approximately 42 million trees are cut down daily, destroying 15 billion trees annually. Hence, with The Rain Forest Project, we’re protecting more than just hotel guests. We’ve teamed up with the Eden Reforestation Project to create a truly unique scheme for a rental umbrella. As a Forest-level partner, we’ve pledged to plant one tree every time a guest rents an umbrella.

Why one planted tree
can make all the difference

What makes our partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project so incredible is knowing their commitment to working in developing countries to reduce extreme poverty, build communities and restore healthy forests.

So, when our partner invest in Dripdrop umbrellas, we’re not just planting a tree on your behalf. You’re helping to transform thousands (potentially millions) of lives. Empowering stuff.

The list of countries where Eden Reforestation Projects plant their trees include: Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, The Philippines, Honduras, Brazil.

George's story: promoting food security through agroforestry

“Through our agroforestry program, our employees grow an assortment of trees and crops that, in turn, produce direct economic benefits, such as food and medicine, in addition to environmental benefits.
In Kenya, this program would not be possible without our Agroforestry Manager, George Were. Before joining our Kenya team, George was teaching his community how to farm and support their forests. As our Agroforestry Manager, George identifies indigenous species to plant, and works with local farmers to provide agricultural training. He now plans to enroll farmers in a vegetable program, in which we will grow vegetable seedlings at the nursery and distribute them to farmers to harvest on their land.
Without your help, we could not empower people like George to help improve local communities' livelihoods while restoring degraded land.”

Eden Reforestation Projects
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Nima's story: overcoming Nepal's lockdown

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nima Dolma Lama lost her hotel business and found herself not knowing how she would survive. All she had left to rely on was her family's small farm, which did not yield a sufficient amount of crops year-round, to support her husband, two sons, two daughters-in-law, grandson, and herself. With no formal education and gender inequality prevalent in Nepal, on top of many businesses closed due to the pandemic lockdown, there were very limited employment opportunities available for Nima. However, this did not stop her. She continued to face these obstacles head-on, leading her to connect with our Nepal team.
Now, Nema has a full-time position at our Mude nursery. With the consistent income she earns, she can afford her family's daily household expenses. With your suport, Nima can provide for her family, save for the future, and is restoring her local environment.

«I am grateful to make a living restoring the environment, " says Nima. "I see our reforestation work in Nepal improving the livelihoods in my community."

- Nima Dolma Lama”

Eden Reforestation Projects
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