About Dripdrop

Happiness is having an umbrella when it rains*

* and not having one when it doesn't

It sucks to get caught in the rain.

Like a traffic jam, a flat tire on your bike or a once-an-hour-bus that you miss by one minute.

Dripdrop Umbrella Sharing - umbrella station Anne QvistDripdrop Umbrella Sharing - umbrella station Anne Qvist

The umbrella station

Scandinavian simplicity and utility

The Dripdrop umbrella station is designed by architect and industrial designer Anne Qvist Design Office, in collaboration with connected product studio Montem.

It comes in two different sizes; 16 and 32 umbrellas. Colors and graphic expression can be changed according to the needs of a specific city.

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The best umbrella sharing team in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Find an umbrella station in the Dripdrop app. Unlock it through clicking on 'Pick Up'. Scan the QR code, one of the orange rings will light up and unlock an umbrella. Grab it! When you´re done using the umbrella, just return it in any Dripdrop station in any open ring. We´ll know that you´ve returned the umbrella.

What happens if I don't return my umbrella?

If you lose your umbrella or if you choose to keep it, it will automatically be yours after 21 days of use. It will cost 100DKK to keep the umbrella. You will never be charged more than 100DKK for one umbrella.

How much does it cost?

First 24 h - always free
After that - 5kr / day
Maximum - 100kr for one umbrella

How do I return a broken umbrella?

In case your umbrella is broken, please mark it as broken in the profile page of app, so we can make sure no one else gets it after you. After you marked it broken, simply return it to a stand.
In case your umbrella is too broken to be returned, please take a photo of the issue and send us an e-mail, remember to write your phone number to identify your user.

How do I get my deposit refunded?

Your deposit is always refundable from your account page in the app. You can also write us an e-mail, just remember to add your phone number in the message so we know who you are.

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