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Your Heart Is In Music - Your Wet Feet Are In London

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The Cumberland Hotel

The United Kingdom
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Nestled in the heart of Marble Arch in London, The Cumberland boasts a rich history dating back to the mid-1930s. It has undergone significant transformations, including a recent multi million refurbishment, reaffirming its status as a landmark destination.

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Despite its illustrious history, The Cumberland encountered challenges concerning guest umbrellas. With London's unpredictable weather, non-residents often sought refuge under hotel umbrellas, leading to considerable wear and tear. Managing inventory, costs, and ensuring a steady supply became a logistical puzzle that demanded a creative solution.

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The collaboration between Dripdrop and The Cumberland ushered in a new era of convenience for guests. The Dripdrop solution, with its strategically placed stands and easy-to-use payment flow, ensures guests access high-quality umbrellas effortlessly, transforming rainy days into positive experiences.

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Freedom For Our Guests

Dripdrop has become a crucial part of our guest experience. The convenience and quality they offer align seamlessly with our commitment to providing top-notch service.
– Simon Fennell, Director of Rooms at The Cumberland

Elevating Guest Experiences

Dripdrop's impact is evident in guest feedback, with overwhelmingly positive responses. The initiative to print instructions in multiple languages, including one stand dedicated to Arabic, demonstrates the mutual commitment to inclusivity. Coupled with the tree-planting program and the generally circular nature of Dripdrop business mode, resonates well with the increasingly environmentally conscious guests.
Since launching Dripdrop, the feedback has been consistently positive. Guests appreciate the sustainability aspect and the ease with which they can stay dry while contributing to a greener planet.
– Simon Fennell, Director of Rooms at The Cumberland

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Dripdrop's collaboration with The Cumberland addressed common challenges in the hospitality supply chain. The need for speed in replenishing umbrella inventory was acknowledged, and Dripdrop's adaptability to the hotel's unique language needs showcased the flexibility of the partnership. Simon Fennell says, Dripdrop understands the importance of speed in our industry. Their willingness to adapt and meet our specific needs has made the collaboration seamless.
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Looking Ahead

As The Cumberland and Dripdrop continue to set new benchmarks for brightening up rainy days, the collaboration serves as a testament to the positive impact that rethinking something as simple as umbrellas can have on the guest experience. With the current state of the collaboration, both parties are just warming up to set new tree-planting records and to serve remarkable guest experiences on rainy days.

Brighter Rainy Days for Your Guests

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Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and convenience with our eco-friendly umbrella solution tailored for hotels and commercial real estate. With every Dripdrop umbrella rental, you're not just shielding yourself from the rain; you're contributing to global reforestation efforts. Join our mission and let it rain!
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