Built to last

The most sustainable umbrella is the one that is never made in the first place. We want our umbrella to last for as long as possible so we don't have to produce more.
Dripdrop product philosophy in practice
Watch our cofounder Mattias explain what we’ve done to make the Dripdrop umbrellas last as long as possible
The circular Dripdrop rental model motivates users to return the umbrellas.

This encourages us in Dripdrop to make long-lasting umbrellas.

It enhances the user experience and minimise the waste.

1 Dripdrop umbrella = 5 recycled plastic bottles

Explore the fascinating process of using plastic bottles to make Dripdrop umbrellas

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The difference between good and great is in the details

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Storm proof inner construction

You're more likely to lift off the ground than the umbrella breaking. The construction will flex and bend but refuses to break.
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Fiberglass frame

The same flexible, durable and lightweight material used in race bicycles and marathon world record breaking running shoes.
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Additional strengthening

The inner seems is normally an umbrella's Achilles heel but that's not the case with the Dripdrop umbrellas.
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Recycled plastic

DripDrop and our customers care about metrics.

Measuring The Impact

Our customers care about the metrics.

The Rain Forest Project

Planting a tree for every umbrella rental